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Antonio Bologna
UI & Full-Stack Engineer

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Hello, I’m Antonio Bologna. I Have 10+ years of experience in UI & Full-Stack application development. I worked on a variety of brands, corporations, and agencies, both big and small.

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About Me


Antonio Bologna

UI & Full Stack Application Development

Hi and welcome to this corner of my digital persona. I strive myself for a very detailed-oriented person, and at the same time a very relaxed human being, which loves working in either small or big projects.

I'm currently working with a great company called Rapid7, under the Threat Exposure Management team, working in one of the best security vulnerability management applications called Nexpose. I work there as a member of the UI team, as a Sr. UI Engineer, responsible for various tasks including the UI standarization effort across the whole company.

  • Date Of Birth: October 1983
  • Phone: 1 915-412-6567
  • Email:

What I'm Doing

UI & Web Development
App Development
Human Behavior UI Design

My Skills Values

Technical Skills



  • Web Usability
  • Angular/Backbone/Ember
  • Grid and Layout
  • Mobile App Design
  • Agile Scrum Methodology
  • Cloud Orchestration
  • UX & UI Design/Development
  • PHP, GO, Python, JAVA
  • Javascript/CoffeScript
  • Grunt/Gulp
  • Bower/NPM
  • Web Development
  • RequireJS/Browserify

Language Skills

12 Years Experience

2014 - Current Rapid7
Senior UI Engineer

Nexpose - Adaptive Security

Starting with what I'm currently doing in Rapid7, I'm the UI POC for the Adaptive Security effort: A capability that helps you stay on top of risk exposure between scheduled scans. My responsibility was to develop the UI portion of this effort using Backbone & Marionette, leveraging the use of various frontend tools and technologies such Bower, Grunt, SASS, and RequireJS.

Dashboard & Nexpose 6.0

UI Lead and POC for the next major release of Nexpose and a new product called Dashboard. I was the main architect and UI developer for the Dashboard initiative, which involved daily collaboration initiatives with the UX teams leads, and all UI teams across offices. The Dashboard effort has a drag n' drop functionality with data cards, all done with state-of-the-art propietary UI algorithms which shows containers with threat data collected from scanned assets.


With Nexpose I holded different responsibilities through out the UI development cycle. Started fixing legacy JavaScript through out the application, and incorporating Angular to the equation.


A remarkable tool by Rapid7 which analyzed security policies and generated executive reports. I helped with the maintance and refactoring of various important UI pieces of the Backbone/Java application, as well as the web product automatization of the same.

2013 - 2014 HP Healthcare Solutions
Adv. Software Engineer, Specialist

UI software engineer responsible for the analysis and creation of soft, medium, and high level wireframes for the creation of documentation and later on, translate into real UI views.

During the UX/UI analysis and development phases, I lead several tasks that included the construction of healthcare panels for the Medicaid system as part of HP’s Indiana state contract.

We used several frameworks such as Backbone and Angular until we decided that Backbone along with RequireJS was our best fit for our task.

Responsible for the Medicaid batch reports in the Indiana project, and the overall automated notification system. Main area of responsibility was the analysis, design, and development of reports in C using Visual Studio with the Team Foundation Service, in order to comply with current HP policies, generating code reviews and work items.

2012 - 2013 Software Next Door
Sr. Frontend Engineer

Responsible for the frontend/UI development of a data transfer system that communicates large quantities of data used in the University of Chicago and between science labs all across the US and Europe.

Our main goal was to incorporate a responsive design of an existing web application. With the user of bootstrap we were able to accomplish this in a matter of 3 months, resulting on a client satisfaction increase since more users were able to create daily transfer tasks from various institutions.

Moreover we were commissioned for a second important task; the use of a robust Javascript framework in order to use the second version of their rest API, using backbone as our best fit for the project, we succeeded in just 6 months, and the results were incredibly optimistic and the web application was faster and more responsive than the previous version.

Daily scrum meetings and biweekly sprints, gave us the tool to have a proactive development area, where most of our meetings with the client in San Francisco and Chicago were online using a wide variety of communication tools.

Responsible to create advanced modules using highly versatile frameworks and tools such as less, CSS various frameworks, CSS grids, and the use of Dojo along with JQuery and RequireJS.

2010 - 2012 ALATEC
Java Wargaming Analyst

Part of the CBUS (Cognitive Behavior Unit Soldier) team, during my initial work period, which task order included developing a highly scalable behavior module system for scenario integrators to develop units and entities cognitive behavioral scripts. We helped developed a behavior editor, used for behavior scenario integrators to program complex soldier behaviors during simulated combat situations, that helped the Army strategically analyze complex situational awareness episodes and take actions as a result of the analysis.

Part of SITS (Scenario Integration Tool Suite) team, which was a team dedicated to maintain and develop new features to the SITS application, which is used by scenario integrators to create war simulations. My role was to integrate the a database infrastructure, in order for SITS to use databases in a fast and consistent manner, as well as to transform SITS into a next-level scenario platform, by making the application be used in a multiuser environment, using SQL Server. Application was developed using Java as a Netbeans rich client platform suite, deploying it in both Windows and Linux operating systems.

2007 - 2010 PHILIPS, Healthcare Informatics
Software Engineer

Member of the development RIS (Radiology Information System) team, system used to simplify the workflow of radiologists and multinational hospitals all around the globe. Part of the development team for “Billing RIS (XB)” which main task was to lead the team in order to develop and independent module for billing patients and practices in hospitals. The application used several protocols such as EDI, and security measures in order to accommodate HIPAA requirements, and law compliance overall.

All in house development was done using J2EE standards, using many components and API libraries such as the JMS (Java Message Service) used for the propagation of different messages in order to be consumed by hospital big cluster servers. It was also used the JTA (Java Transaction API) in order to isolate various transactions between different articulated components inside the RIS. Because of its nature, the application was entirely developed as a web application, where we used knowledge of Java server faces, and were implemented many technologies for the consumption of web services (SOA). Moreover we used third-party libraries in order to have a better control over caching, since the web application was designed to run as an instance in multiple servers (clustering), and to avoid data duplication or data corruption.

2005 - 2007 ESEI
Software Engineer & UI Developer

Developed State-of-the-Art in house Rich Internet Portal Application in an Intranet, with real- time Network monitoring, and business related applications for the executive branch and HR (Human Resources).

Gave full support for IPv4 to IPv6 protocol conversion, worked in Government, Defense, and Private sectors to fulfill project requirements, and worked in several in house research projects, including web portals, AdHoc Networks, RF Technology, RFID, and Network applications.

2003 - 2005 Computer Exposure, Inc
Full-Stack Developer

Part of the development team for an application for hospitals and medical practices in all the US. Main role was to lead the team of engineers in order to develop the application using a SRS (System Requirements and Specifications) document, and deliver it on a very limited time frame schedule.

Application elements include complex algorithms for the effective use of system flags for patients with certain illnesses and susceptible to certain medicine. Complex scheduling and patient demographics was developed in a secure environment done for the correct alignment of the application with HIPAA standards.

2002 - 2005 Rodriguez, Zagal & Co.
Full-Stack Developer - Freelance

Analysis and Development of many projects where main task was to be lead the whole software engineering process, mainly for web applications using various technologies such as SQL servers, and using Java and PHP as the main programming languages.

In charge of a multinational project which main use was to archive Mexico news related to white collar crimes, drug trafficking, and personal security for executives around the world traveling to Mexico. Executives from all around the globe from different companies used the system on a daily basis, companies such as Visa, Nike, Walt Disney, and Master Card.

Educational Value


UI Certificate

1998 - 2001
University Of Texas at El Paso

B.S. Computer Science

Minors: Math & Psychology
2001 - 2005
University Of Texas at El Paso

M.S. Computer Science

2007 - 2009

Hobbies & Interest

Web R&D
Human Behavior Psychology
Social Activities

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